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View on the way to the ranch

Sunrise over the ranchIt has been said that for each of us there is an ideal place. A place where our dreams and reality intersect.

A place where we can hang our hat, kick off our boots and say: "I'm at home."

It is rare for anyone to have even heard of our ideal place, nestled away where eagles soar and deer roam freely in untamed Texas countryside.

Not much has changed here at "The Ranch" in as many years as time herself can remember. The area was once the roaming ground for bison, grazing the Red River Valley. The Kiowa, Comanche and the Wichita Indians called this area their home, their "Mother Earth."


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Known for years as Camp Letoli, many now simply know it as The Ranch.

The Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center has made it's home at Camp Letoli for nearly eight years now. Here we have created a warm, wonderful place where visitors are not just friends; they are part of the family.

A cabin at the RanchThe Ranch is a place where cold or warm weather plays no role in how we live our day. A place where we all come together to celebrate the wonderful experience of living our lives.

Welcome to our Home.

Welcome to The Ranch!

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